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80 years anniverary

Skål International LONDON

1934 -  2014

80 years servicing the Travel and Tourism Industry

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The Benevolent Fund

Skål International – London is one of the few Clubs around the World which has its own Benevolent Fund.

Our Fund was started in a small way after the end of the Second World War and had reached such proportions that a formal Trust Deed was executed on September 30th 1957, and steps taken to register as a charity. The original Trustees were A.C.(Joe)Burford of B.P.Travel Trade Services (currently in retirement at Folkstone), Sidney G. King of Thomas Cook (who passed away in 1970) and W.H.(Bill)Knott of Bergen Line (a Founder member of our Club in 1934, who passed away in 1972).


Shall be the raising of monies for the purpose of assistance, both financial and in other ways, to Members of Skål International – London and/or their immediate families in times of need. In the event of death or serious illness of one of our members, to render immediate assistance to dependant relatives, in whichever manner is deemed most suitable by the Trustees. All payments to beneficiaries and donations to the Fund are strictly confidential and known only to the recipients, donors and the Trustees.


May be made as absolute gifts or as loans, with or without interest, as the Trustees may decide. Loans for business purposes cannot be authorised. All transactions shall be confidential and Trustees are not required to identify any recipients of any sum nor to publish any such detail in their Annual Report & Accounts. Any member of the Club may bring to the notice of the Trustees any case, which might qualify for assistance, so that it can be investigated to ascertain whether assistance may be needed.

Contributions & Donations

The main source of income is from raffles, which can be held at various Club functions and the Annual Grand Draw, which is normally held in conjunction with President’s night. An additional source of revenue is from investments, which the Trustees are entitled to make on behalf of the Fund, and from any grants that the Club may decide to make to the Fund from time to time. Individual members may subscribe, donate or bequeath monies to the Fund, at any time.


These shall be completely separate from the general accounts of the Club and audited at the end of each financial year and submitted to The Charity Commission as required. The assets of the Fund shall also be completely separate from the assets of the Club.


Nothing in the rules of the Fund shall prevent contributions neither from the Club or the Fund, to the Florimond Volckaert Fund of the A.I.S.C., nor to any other Charities approved by the Trustees. Equally, the existence of our Fund shall not prevent or prejudice any application from any member of the Club for assistance to the Florimond Volckaert Fund.

The Club’s Benevolent Fund and the Florimond Volckaert Fund are very practical expressions of the spirit of friendship & “Amicale” which are the prime object of the Skål movement. It is vital that early notification of any illness, death or hardship suffered by any member be advised to the Trustees as soon as possible.


(Registered Charity No:287258, June 1983)



Paul McLean

International Passenger Proctection

IPP House

22-26 Station, West Wickham, Kent BR4 0PR

Tel: 020 8776 3750

Email: paul.mclean@ipplondon.co.uk


Tony Milhofer

Routes to Suit Travel

PO Box 133, Chipping Norton, OX7 5GS

Tel: 01608 645645

Email: tony@rtstravel.com



Diana Hall

127 New House Park, St. Albans, Herts AL1 1UT

Tel: 01727 812722

Email: dianamarie@tiscali.co.uk

 Skål London is twinned with:

London & New York

The Skål Clubs of London, UK and New York, USA were twinned on November 9th, 2010

London & Paris

The Skål Clubs of London, UK and Paris, France were twinned on April, 28th 2009.



Skål International
1934 -  2014

80 years servicing the Travel and Tourism Industry